Bitcoin Asia 2024 – report from the conference in Hong Kong

Bitcoin Halving, acceptance of spot ETFs and the Year of the Dragon. There is no better destination to celebrate these events than Hong Kong! The brand “The Bitcoin Conference” – the organizer of the famous Bitcoin Miami and Bitcoin Amsterdam conferences – thought exactly the same. In 2024, this event came to Asia for the first time! What impressions? – we invite you to watch the coverage of Bitcoin Asia 2024 prepared by Maria Frąckowiak, the ambassador of the event.

Bitcoin Asia 2024, i.e. the iconic brand enters new markets

“The Bitcoin Conference” is an iconic event in the industry. Since 2019, it has attracted tens of thousands of bitcoiners to sunny Miami (which will be replaced by Nashville this season). From 2022, the brand is also building its recognition in Amsterdam, but in 2024 it decided to take a bold step – organizing events in two new destinations – in Asia and the Middle East.

Why chose Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi? It's clear! Despite the crazy interest in the American edition (the estimated number of participants for the July event is as many as 27,000!) – if you do not develop in this industry, you start to regress. And when it comes to expansion into new markets, there is no better choice than two dynamically developing capitals of the Web3 industry – Hong Kong and the Emirates. Moreover, if you adjust the date of your event to favorable events – in Hong Kong it is the acceptance of ETFs, in Abu Dhabi it is the Formula 1 season – success is guaranteed

– comments Maria.

Spot ETFs debut in Asia

The latest economic events in Hong Kong strongly favored the organization of Bitcoin Asia 2024.

The first Asian Bitcoin and Ethereum spot ETFs debuted in Hong Kong on April 30, 2024, 10 days before the conference! This happened just three months after the United States made the same move with BTC.

Even though the response from Asian investors was much weaker (in terms of influence) than those from the US, Hong Kong clearly showed its planned development direction with this move.

The city has already hosted a number of Web3-related events this year, including “WOW Summit” and “Web3 Festival,” in an effort to attract more players in the cryptocurrency industry.

Trends on everyone's lips

It was in this enthusiastic mood that the conference took place! It was attended by major industry personalities, such as Casey Rodarmor, Bobby Lee, Ken Liao and Greg Carson. Two MAIN WORDS? – Ordinals & Runes.

Everyone was talking about it. While Bitcoin Ordinals (i.e. the so-called “Bitcoin NFTs”) have been a topic that has been accompanying us for over a year – Runes were an absolute novelty because they were created in April 2024, right after Halving! In addition to a number of panels devoted to this topic, the epicenter of the evolution of Bitcoin blockchain functionality was the stand of the AMBBI brand, the artistic figures of PFP, at Ordinals.

audience during a cryptocurrency conference

At the conference, you could meet a number of personalities from other niches of the Web3 industry who came specifically to stay up to date with the development of technology and learn MORE. Such events are the perfect environment to absorb new information from the world and the industry

– Maria recalls.

Don't miss events in the second half of 2024

Missed Bitcoin Asia? Don't worry! The Bitcoin Conference series of events has just begun! An event in Nashville is coming soon, and in fall 2024 you can expect an event in Amsterdam and Abu Dhabi!

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Maria Frąckowiak – bio

Maria Frąckowiak is a marketer with over 6 years of experience, cooperating with companies in the Web3 industry. Event ambassador, KOL, creative content creator. He lives in Dubai and helps projects build recognition in the MENA and Asia regions.