Will artificial intelligence replace famous bands?

Artificial intelligence can create songs written in a given style. It is able to “record”, for example, a song that sounds as if it were the work of a famous band. So will it drive the rock and pop giants out of the market?

Artificial intelligence better than Metallica?

Don't you like the new albums of your childhood idols? Do you think that Metallica's last album is a remnant of the band's classics? Do not worry! Artificial intelligence will “write” and then “record” for you the “Mety” album that you could only dream of before! Just give her a few tips and… that's it.

An example of such a composition is below. And actually, the whole thing sounds good. Quite derivative, unoriginal, but for conservative Metallica fans who gnash their teeth at experimental St. Anger Whether Lulu, it's a good news. Well, the vocals don't exactly sound like James Hetfield's, but that's a detail.

But let's leave it to the creators Master of Puppets. You probably know bands that ended their careers prematurely and will not return to the stage because their leader is dead. The best example – Nirvana. It turns out that AI can imitate this band as well. And even Kurt Cobain's vocals are great.

Linkin Park fans certainly still cannot come to terms with Chester Bennington's departure. Artificial intelligence can also reproduce his vocals. And enter it with your compositions or famous nu metal classics.

Will musicians retire?

The above trend of imitation of the style of classic bands by AI was noticed a year ago by vocalist M. Shadows, who holds the microphone in Avenged Sevenfold.

Imagine thinking, “This new Avenged album is shit. I don't get it. I'm fed up with this crap they're trying to do. Give me a record like…” And the AI ​​makes you a record like that. You have your new album Avenged Sevenfold. It's a mix of what we did before, but with different choruses, different cool licks. I think this could be pretty damn interesting. Meanwhile, we, a real team, are moving forward. We're in for a really weird future where humans can tell artificial intelligence, “Give me more of this and that.”

– he said in an interview for The Ex Man.

So is this the future of music? Will we create our own personal hits? Theoretically it's possible. However, I think that for many people a certain psychological barrier will be the fact that their idols or simply real people are not behind these songs. We are attracted and moved by art because it is created by other people, often like us, with whom we can identify.

Example? Your idol recorded a sad ballad about the death of his beloved. If a similar tragedy happens in your life, you can listen to such a song and experience a kind of catharsis. Feel a bond with the artist and understand that you are not alone with your problem. Will you feel the same emotion when listening to something with a computer program behind it? In my opinion, doubtful…