Recall, a new feature in Windows 11. Elon Musk calls it an “episode from Black Mirror”!

Microsoft is introducing a new feature to Windows 11 that immediately caused huge controversy. This is about Recall, a function based on artificial intelligence that records the user's behavior on the computer screen. This function is intended to help in everyday use of the computer and in situations in which we forget about important issues, such as visited websites or organizing files. Elon Musk directly called the new option “an episode from Black Mirror”!

Microsoft is introducing a new feature that raises concerns. How will Recall work?

Personal computers are an everyday tool today. It is therefore not surprising that the software giant Microsoft constantly wants to improve its flagship Windows 11 system. The corporation is currently focused on the topic of artificial intelligence, which is reflected in the innovations introduced by the giant, such as the addition of a new “Copilot” key. Microsoft's vice president, Yusuf Mehdi, announced the introduction of a new feature to Windows 11 called Recall.

Recall's task will be to record all activity on the user's screen. This function, supported by artificial intelligence, systematically takes screenshots, thanks to which the computer has a kind of “photographic memory”. Screenshots are taken when the user interacts with specific elements on the screen. Artificial intelligence detects these interactions and records them.

Mehdi explains the introduction of the new feature by saying that one of the most frustrating things is that we have seen something on our computer, but we don't know where and when. Microsoft's vice president adds that:

Copilot + PCs segregates information like we do – based on individual relationships and connections for each user

Elon Musk calls Recall an “episode from Black Mirror”

The owner of the X portal quickly reacted to the news about the new Recall function from Microsoft. In a short tweet, Elon Musk described the Recall function as one of the episodes of the Black Mirror series. It is worth noting that the British-American series presenting the threats behind modern technology actually had an episode very similar to the feature introduced by Microsoft. In the final episode of the first season, “The Entire History of You”, the characters are able to rewind their recorded memories and display them on monitor screens.

By the way, it's very interesting that Elon Musk calls some solutions straight from Black Mirror, while his company Neuralink has created a brain-computer interface and has been testing it on people for over 100 days.