Bitcoin machines in the world. The number of ATMs is growing again. Poland at the forefront

Several hundred bitcoin machines were closed down in the USA. Despite this, the number of machines is growing all over the world. Poland is one of the countries where the most devices have been installed.

ATMs in the US and around the world

At the end of 2022, there were just over 39,000 bitcoin ATMs installed worldwide. Then the number started to decline. We are now approaching that level again.

Source: Coin ATM Radar

The USA remains the leader in terms of bitcoin ATMs. Despite this, in May 2024, over 300 bitcoin ATMs were removed from their territory. As of May 21, the US market had lost 302 such devices during the month. Another 28 machines were disabled in Canada.

Source: Coin ATM Radar

The above situation was saved by Australia and Europe. Investments in their territories reduced the net decline in the number of bitcoin machines to 280 at the time of publication.

As a result, Australia today has the third largest network of active bitcoin machines – after the United States and Canada. 1,047 machines were installed in the first country. There are 30,960 bitcoin ATMs in the US and 2,989 in Canada.

Despite the decline in the number of ATMs in the USA, Bitcoin Depot, the largest bitcoin ATM operator in the USA, is reporting profits in 2024. No correlation was noticed between his revenues and the price of bitcoin. This was confirmed by the company itself in its annual report of April 15.

Our own user surveys indicate that the majority of our users use our products and services for non-speculative purposes, including, but not limited to, money transfers, money transfers and online shopping

– wrote Bitcoin Depot, explaining why the company's revenues do not depend on the BTC rate.

Poland against the background of the world

We can be happy that our country compares well with the rest of the world. We rank fifth in terms of installed bitcoin machines. Spain is ahead of us with 304 bitcoin machines. In Poland, slightly fewer were installed – 276.