Portal on Binance Launchpool! Collect PORTAL for staking BNB and FDUSD

The portal is a platform for decentralized gaming players that will act as Steam for Web3 games. The main mission of this cross-chain project is to introduce as many players as possible to the world of Web3 gaming. The basis of the Portal platform is the PORTAL token, the farming of which is currently taking place on the Binance Launchpool, where you can collect tokens for staking BNB and FDUSD.

What is the Portal and why can it be called the Steam of Web3 gaming?

Decentralized gaming is now entering its golden era. Traditional gamers no longer treat Web3 gaming as a rejection of the cryptocurrency aberration of electronic entertainment. Web3 games are becoming increasingly better in terms of gameplay, art design and economics, encouraging players to become interested in such productions. NFT tokens in Web3 games are no longer scary, and players started to perceive them as items that they sold on platforms such as Steam.

The number of Web3 games is growing at an exponential rate, so it was natural to create a platform that would not only gather them in one place, but also allow interaction between the gaming community and developers. This is exactly what Portal is, a platform that is a decentralized equivalent of Steam, known to Web2 players.

One platform, many games and blockchains

The portal is a platform that unites gamers, Web3 games and various blockchains. Thanks to the partnership with LayerZero, the Portal will be a multi-chain platform for players that will facilitate the trading of items in the form of NFTs and provide access to many Web3 games in one place. One of the fundamental ideas of the Portal is to be a smooth transfer of Web2 players to Web3, thanks to the portal's unified interface.

When it comes to gaming nomenclature, the Portal can easily be called a decentralized equivalent of Steam, known to Web2 gamers. The portal will provide not only access to a wide catalog of Web3 games, the NFT token market, but also a wide community of Web3 players. The Portal platform is to have a “friends” function, which is a social aspect well known to all players using platforms such as GOG Galaxy, Steam, or Ubisoft Connect.

Currently, the Portal's library includes over 200 Web3 games, and new productions are to be added in the coming months. The binder of the entire ecosystem is the PORTAL token, which allows Web3 players to interact both with the Web3 gaming community and with the Portal itself.

PORTAL Tokenomy

The decentralized Web3 gaming platform needs a token that will perform a number of important functions. $PORTAL is a native, usable and universal gaming token in the Portal platform ecosystem. It will perform the following functions:

  • Transactions – users can use $PORTAL in games to purchase specific items and other gaming assets.
  • Cross-chain fee token – users can use $PORTAL to pay for cross-chain transactions.
  • Staking – users can stake their own $PORTAL to obtain tokens and NFTs from Portal Launchpad.
  • Node validation – users can participate in network validation with $PORTAL.
  • Cross-chain coin– $Portal is a cross-chain token, thanks to cooperation with LayerZero. Thanks to this, the experience of Web3 players is reduced to one platform and many possibilities.
  • Governance – owners of the $PORTAL token can, thanks to voting, influence the future direction of development of both the token and the Portal platform.

When it comes to the distribution of the PORTAL token, it looks like this:

  • Binance Launchpool – 5.00%
  • Team and advisors – 23.00%
  • Treasury – 23.00%
  • Private investors – 22.00%
  • Public sale – 11.00%
  • Community incentive 1 – 10.00%
  • Community incentive 2 – 4.00%
  • Liquidity reserve – 2.00%

    The PORTAL token appeared on the Binance Launchpool as the 47th project. Users can already stake their BNB and FDUSD in separate pools to accumulate PORTAL tokens for seven days. Farming started on February 22, 2024 at 1 am Polish time.

PORTAL tokenomics chart

Binance will add PORTAL on February 29, 2024 at 11 am Polish time and open trading in trading pairs


Details of the PORTAL Launchpool

Token Name: Portal (PORTAL)

Maximum token supply: 1,000,000,000 PORTAL

Token rewards in Launchpool: 50,000,000 PORTAL (5% of the maximum token supply)

Initial circulating supply: 167,134,615 PORTAL (16.71% of total token supply)

Smart contract details: Ethereum

Staking conditions: KYC required

Hourly limit per user:

  • 23,809.52 PORTAL in the BNB pool
  • 5952.38 PORTAL in the FDUSD pool

How to take part in PORTAL staking?

The farming period started on February 22, 2024 at 1 a.m. Polish time and will last until February 29, 2024 at 00:59 Polish time. If you want to take part in PORTAL token farming, just enter the supported pools:

  • Stake BNB (website will be available in approximately 5 hours): 40,000,000 PORTAL in rewards (80%)
  • Stake FDUSD (website will be available in approximately 5 hours): 10,000,000 PORTAL in rewards (20%)

Total daily rewards (PORTAL) are 7,142,857.14, of which the daily prize pool for BNB is 5,714,285.71 and for the FDUSD pool is 1,428,571.43 tokens.

To summarize, farming the Portal (PORTAL) token on the Binance Launchpool is a great way to acquire PORTAL tokens and enter the Web3 gaming platform ecosystem. Decentralized gaming is booming right now, so the PORTAL token appears at the perfect time. You can learn more about the Portal platform and the token itself from the research report prepared by Binance focusing on this project.