Elon Musk a member of Trump's future cabinet?

Will Elon Musk become a member of Donald Trump's cabinet? This is according to the information obtained Wall Street Journal.

Elon Musk wants to go into politics?

Elon Musk has actually been expressing his support for the Republican Party in a more or less subtle way for a long time. If you believe press reports in the US, it's not just about the posts on X. Apparently, the businessman regularly meets with Donald Trump and they talk about science, new technologies, electric cars and space troops.

Moreover, during a March meeting in Florida with Musk and another businessman, Nelson Peltz, Trump reportedly suggested the former to “get more involved” in his campaign. In gratitude, he is to be appointed his official advisor – if he wins the elections, of course.

The above should not surprise anyone. Already during Trump's first term, Musk appeared in the White House as his informal adviser. However, the two men parted ways when Tesla's creator left in protest against Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Agreement (an action plan to limit global warming).

Musk himself later claimed that he voted for Joe Biden, but for some time now it has been visible that his sympathies have become pro-Republican again. But let's not delude ourselves: it's probably about big money, not idealism.

What else was the March meeting about?

Well, do we know anything more about Trump's conversations with Musk? There were rumors that the businessman was introducing the politician to the world of cryptocurrencies. However, the most interested person himself denied this.

However, it is known that Musk is lobbying billionaires for support for Trump. He talks to, among others, media magnate Rupert Murdoch, former partner Peter Thiel and former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

Currently, there are many indications that Trump will win the US elections. He has an advantage over Joe Biden in the polls. According to a FiveThirtyEight poll from May 30, Trump is supported by as many as 41.2% of respondents, while the current president is supported by only 39.5%. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. rounds out the podium with approximately 10%.