We know who was behind the DJT token! Arkham paid $150,000 for this knowledge

Arkham Intelligence has offered $150,000 to anyone who can conclusively prove the creator of the DJT token. It is a memecoin created on the Solana blockchain and refers to the former and possibly future president of the United States. All because of the rapid increase in the capitalization of the mysterious token.

The creator of the DJT token wanted (and found) by Arkham Intelligence

The Arkham Intelligence platform is a place that actively brings together all self-proclaimed blockchain detectives. This company offered $150,000 to anyone who could clearly prove the identity of the creator of the DJT token. On Tuesday, June 18, the token began to grow rapidly and one of the probable reasons for this was an unconfirmed report. He indicated that the coin was launched by Donald Trump himself. This rumor caused a literal vertical increase of 300% in 24 hours.

There have been many entries in cryptocurrency social media suggesting that the token was actually created by the former US president’s entourage. Such suggestions were spread online by, for example, Martin Shkerli, a controversial director who gained notoriety for raising the price of a life-saving drug. Suggestions about the DJT token and its association with Donald Trump only strengthened memecoin’s viral reach on Solana. It is for this reason that the Arkham Intelligence team has offered a reward of $150,000. Finally, the mystery was solved by cryptocurrency detective ZachXBT, who proved that the creator of the token is… Martin Shkreli!

The memecoin craze on Solana is in full swing

The DJT token is just one example of memecoins on the Solana blockchain that are achieving very high capitalization at a record pace. In recent weeks, there has been a lot of talk about tokens minted by influencers who want to monetize their reach this way. In the case of the DJT token, the problem is much broader, as it concerns one of the candidates for the President of the United States. Moreover, it is common knowledge that Donald Trump considers himself a digital asset enthusiast. He is also enthusiastic about all memecoins referring to him and his presidential campaign. Is it similar in the case of the DJT token? Arkham Intelligence’s investigation will prove this.