Beercoin, a promising memecoin on Solana. Its listing is currently underway!

Beercoin is a memecoin referring to hop nectar, which is gaining popularity among the cryptocurrency community on social media. The project was launched in May, and its creators quickly presented an action plan and started pre-sales and listing. What else is worth knowing about Beercoin ($BEER)?

Memecoin Beercoin – memecoin on Solana, whose community is growing exponentially

Spring 2024 is definitely also spring on the memecoin market. Those in Solana are particularly popular. One such memecoin is Beercoin ($BEER), whose social media community is growing at an exponential rate. Of course, it is worth mentioning at this point that this is definitely a high-risk project. Nevertheless, the $BEER accounts on Instagram and Portal X were launched in May and already have nearly 100,000 followers. The main slogan advertising $BEER is “Did you miss Bitcoin? Don't miss out on beercoin!” It is worth adding that the new memecoin collected 30,000 SOL during the pre-sale period, i.e. the equivalent of nearly USD 5,200,000.

The hype did its job, thanks to which the creators of memecoin quickly presented a detailed action plan divided into four stages.

1. Preparation

  • end of pre-sale,
  • $BEER quotation on DEXs,
  • marketing campaign,
  • CMC and CoinGecko.

2. Brewing

  • CEX Listing,
  • release of the BEERTAP game,
  • bonus campaign for $BEER holders,
  • NFT collection.

3. Ferment

  • quotations on CEX level 1,
  • partnerships with projects and influencers,
  • brewing real $BEER

4. Bottling

  • making $BEER a global social currency,
  • global mass adoption,
  • rewards for $BEER holders

As you can see, the ambitions of the Beercoin project are very high, but this is the approach of the vast majority of teams responsible for new memecoins.

Beercoin Tokenomy

The creators of $BEER presented not only a roadmap, but also a detailed toconomy of their memecoin project. As for the maximum supply of $BEER, there will be 888,888,888,888 $BEER in circulation, and the pre-sale split is 51% liquidity pools and quotes on CEX and 49% marketing and development. The $BEER tokenomy looks like this:

  • 11% – first co-authors,
  • 1% – airdrop,
  • 22% – treasury and marketing,
  • 33% – liquidity, CEX and MM,
  • 33% – pre-sale.

It is worth noting that the pre-sale lasted from May 16, 2024 to May 23, 2024. Memecoin #BEER will be listed on Radyium, Orga and subsequent DEXs. Interestingly, beercoin is also to be listed on exchanges such as Binance, ByBit, OKX, Kucoin, Bitfinex, and BitGet.

BEERTAP and the NFT collection as a broader plan of the creators of memecoin

The BEERTAP game and a collection of NFT tokens are also to be associated with beercoin. The project itself is promoted with a meme (as befits memecoins) mascot in the form of a beer mug. The rewards for $BEER holders are also very ambitious, such as 100 Haineken shares, 10 years of beer supplies, a VIP trip to Oktoberfest and a Cybertruck car from Tesla.

To sum up, beercoin is a very interesting project that gained momentum like a bottle cap from a shaken beer. This is a high-risk project (as befits memecoins), so we will regularly inform you about new news regarding $BEER on our website.

The article is not investment advice.