ChatGPT without logging in. OpenAI wants the chatbot to be available without restrictions

OpenAI doesn't stop promoting its AI tools. Just a moment ago, the Internet was flooded with another wave of images generated in Sora, but for two days now the company's debut project has been in the spotlight again. ChatGPT without logging is intended to be part of the mission of universal access to generative artificial intelligence tools.

ChatGPT without logging in – will its use become as common as Googling?

The growing popularity of generative artificial intelligence has many people looking for ways to use AI tools. Although the availability of such tools is very high today, because both LLMs and graphic generators are completely free, OpenAI decided to go a step further. The only barrier to using LLMs or image generators is creating a free account. However, OpenAI wants to change this. ChatGPT without logging in is a concept in which AI tools are used as easily and seamlessly as, for example, the Google search engine.

The new form of access to ChatuGPT will allow you to start a new thread (query) without having to log in to your account. Although logging in was not a big problem, and people who regularly used it were logged in all the time, in fact ChatGPT without logging in may turn out to lower the threshold for using AI tools to practically zero. This is also the goal of OpenAI. The company stated that:

it's part of the mission to make tools like ChatGPT widely available so people can experience the benefits of artificial intelligence

OpenAI wants to challenge Google in the search engine sector?

It cannot be denied that ChatGPT without logging in is definitely associated with something as common and easy to access as the Google search engine. This association is absolutely accurate, because the company headed by Sam Altman is clearly starting to compete with Google not only in terms of artificial intelligence.

Although Google is constantly trying to improve its AI (today Gemini, formerly Bard), it still lags behind in terms of the usability and popularity of AI tools. Interestingly, OpenAI is throwing down the corporate gauntlet because the company is working on its own internet search engine based on artificial intelligence. Are we facing a revolution in searching for information on the Internet? We'll find out in the next few months.