Icompnet with a payment gateway – a start-up based on chia farming is launched

Cryptocurrency mining, especially Bitcoin, is gaining popularity as their value increases. However, high investment costs and rising electricity prices mean that many potential investors are looking for alternative methods of earning money on the digital currency market. This is where chia farming comes in – a less expensive option based on the use of disk space. In the article, we will present the idea of ​​Icompnet, a Polish project creating its own farm and token based on the chia cryptocurrency.

The idea of ​​Icompnet as an alternative for people without excavators?

Icompnet, a company dealing in professional chia farming (XCH), came up with the idea and integration of a solution based on chia extraction. To mine this cryptocurrency, you do not need very efficient miners, and the farming process is carried out using proof of space technology, which involves using disk space instead of using traditional miners. Going further, by owning the project token, icompnet (CPT), we gain some exposure to chia mining, which will be carried out by Icompnet. CPT is therefore a reflection of chia and works on the BNB Smart Chain. It is also simpler to implement.

What will I receive in exchange for CPT tokens?

What are the conditions for those who want to participate in farming and what does Icompnet offer in return? The aim of the project is to create a farm equipped with servers and hard drives for mining XCH, the chia cryptocurrency. CPT token owners will participate in receiving rewards from XCH farming. The company aims to achieve a disk capacity of 200,000TB, which will significantly contribute to the development of the project and the importance of CPT's participation in the Chia ecosystem. An important element for investors may be the fact that the rewards are not limited to the XCH cryptocurrency, which might encourage them to choose it instead of CPT, but also rewards in the form of the USDT stable coin.

Ari10 Gateway for purchasing the CPT token

Investors interested in the project and participation in the distribution of profits planned by iComPneT are invited to collect funds on their website. CPT tokens can be purchased using the Ari10 Gateway. The secure gateway allows for investments starting from PLN 100, and CPT tokens after payment are transferred directly to the wallet provided by the client. Payments are possible using popular payment methods such as BLIK, Apple Pay, Google Pay and credit cards. The intuitive nature of the gateway will not pose any difficulties even for beginner cryptocurrency investors. To start the process, simply click on the button on the “buy CPT token” page.