Warren Buffett compares artificial intelligence to nuclear weapons. All because of a deep fake involving him

The development of generative artificial intelligence is clearly visible in new AI tools. The pace of AI was also noticed by Warren Buffett, one of the most famous US billionaires. The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway held the topic of AI at the company's annual meeting. His fears were aroused by meeting his doppelgänger online, who encouraged him to make scam investments.

Warren Buffett meets his digital doppelganger online and compares AI to nuclear weapons!

Creating deepfakes with anyone is easier than ever before. While two or three years ago, creating a video clip impersonating a specific person required specialized knowledge, generative artificial intelligence has removed this barrier. Cloning a voice takes three clicks at Eleven Labs, and upcoming tools like VISA-1 from Microsoft will enable you to freely animate faces generated from AI.

Warren Buffett, the legendary American stock investor, raised the topic of artificial intelligence at the annual meeting of the Berkshire Hathway holding. The investor admitted that the development of artificial intelligence terrifies him because he came across his digital double on the Internet. Warren Buffett noticed that a digital twin, like a Doppler from the Witcher universe, sounds and looks exactly like him. Of course, the deep fake encouraged scam investments and, as we all know, this is nothing new on the Internet. However, Warren Buffet admitted that artificial intelligence today poses a threat no less than nuclear weapons.

Legislation cannot keep up with the development of AI

A big problem with the issue of deepfakes is the fact that global legislation has definitely not kept up with the development of generative artificial intelligence. The number of AI tools being created is overwhelming. It is worth noting, however, that there are countries putting up brave resistance to the cybernetic invader.

The Italian parliament recently passed a law that will make scams and deepfakes created with the help of AI punishable by imprisonment. This is about activities on the Internet aimed at harming another person or discrediting their image. Of course, this will in no way eliminate the number of crimes committed with the help of generative artificial intelligence, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.