Discover the world of RoboHero – a Polish Web3 game that can change the industry

RoboHero is the game that the entire Web3 gaming community has been waiting for. The combination of traditional Web2 gameplay fundamentals with Web3 mechanics and ecosystem means that the game may turn out to be a real hit. What do we know about so far? RoboHero? Who is responsible for this project and why is it worth getting interested in it now? Get to know the Polish Web3 game, which has a chance to become the dark horse of decentralized gaming.

RoboHerothe game you know and love!

Creators RoboHero They decided not to reinvent the wheel. Proven mechanics and gameplay are the key to good gameplay that is addictive and not boring at the same time. RoboHero is a tactical mobile game that has been designed for both Web2 and Web3 players. Share RoboHero takes place in the post-apocalyptic metaverse of 31337, where factions of humanoid robots wage war for the resources remaining on Earth. The player can choose one of three factions, i.e. ETHER, DEUTER or PLASMA. There are also three character classes available in the game – Tank, Shooter and Sniper, which differ not only in their statistics, but also in their fighting style.

This division of classes is well known to all players of traditional Web2 games. Choosing the Tank class provides more armor, Shooter is distinguished by the damage it deals, and Sniper is distinguished by its range. The player's task is to defeat the opponent by dealing more damage or taking over more buildings on the map.

What is the gameplay like? RoboHero?

The main idea of RoboHero is to defeat your opponent on a hexagonal board that is the center of all events. The player's robot is tasked with eliminating an enemy robot or taking over a sufficient number of buildings to win through territorial domination. The gameplay atmosphere is similar to classic tactical games such as Warhammer 40k: Mechanicus or XCOM 2.

The game is divided into movement phases. In his phase, the player can move with a robot or a reconnaissance drone. The attack phase is the time for a kinetic engagement with the enemy or taking over an enemy building. Additionally, there are also skills available that strengthen robots, such as shields, AOE (area effects), barricades and healing.

The player can choose both PVE (Player vs. Environment) gameplay to try their hand at artificial intelligence, and PVP (Player vs. Player) gameplay to challenge a real player. In the case of PVE battles, the algorithm will precisely adapt to the player's skills. For each game (PVE or PVP), the player will be rewarded with $ROBO tokens.

Web3 ecosystem in RoboHero – how it works?

Although the main foundation is the gameplay of traditional tactical games, the Web3 ecosystem layer takes the gameplay to a completely new level. A number of NFT tokens have been implemented in the game, such as Lands (more on them in a moment), billboards, mines, robots, loot boxes and the equipment contained in them.

The player can earn rewards (such as items) both by winning subsequent battles and by generating passive income in the game. Each game takes place on maps called Lands, which function in the form of NFT items. The owner of such an NFT Land earns $ROBO tokens every time a two-player battle takes place on his NFT Land. Another way to earn passive income is to have billboards, which are one of the most interesting ways of marketing within the game. The player also has the opportunity to passively earn $ROBO tokens thanks to mines where valuable minerals are extracted, which are then sold on the marketplace.

Survivors collection and Genesis NFT

Another type of assets inside the game are two collections of NFT tokens. Survivors Collection is a collection of robot images that you can set as your avatar to personalize your account. However, their functionality does not end there, because they are also passes giving access to airdrops, equipment and other assets in the game.

In turn, Genesis NFT is a collection of 1,000 cards divided into 5 different levels of rarity, such as:

  • Rare
  • Super rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythic.

Genesis NFTs allow access to a closed community RoboHero on Discord, give priority in future Airdrops, increase the chance of signing up for whitelists for future collections RoboHero. Comparing Genesis NFTs to Web2 gaming, you can safely call them Season Passes.

NFT from RoboHero.

Who is behind RoboHero?

The game is developed by a team composed of enthusiasts of traditional gaming and cryptocurrencies. Thanks to this RoboHero is a combination of a pleasant game in its gameplay and the possibilities offered by Web3. The two main representatives of the project who regularly publish updates on the game's progress are Jakub Stefanek (CEO) and Patryk Kempiński (COO). It is worth adding that the visual layer of the production is responsible for, among others, Robert Ryminiecki from Reikon Games (creators of the game Ruiner).

The RoboHero team.

What has already been delivered?

The game is currently in an advanced stage of production. Genesis NFTs are now available on OpenSea, and subsequent NFT collections will be released periodically over the coming quarters. An open beta will also appear soon, thanks to which players will be able to test RoboHero in a cyber battle on their own smartphones.

It is worth adding that at the moment, an early version of the application is available in the Google Play Store and the AppStore, in which you can earn a few $ROBO every day by watching short videos. Another important information is the launch of the ambassador program, which gives access to the Closed Beta, presence on whitelists for NFT collections and other prizes.

To sum up, RoboHero is a game that skillfully combines traditional gameplay known from classic tactical games with a wide range of possibilities offered by the Web3 ecosystem. RoboHero It will therefore be an interesting proposition both for players who want to have fun in a mobile Web3 game, and for people interested only in the tokenomic layer of the project. You can learn more about the game on the official project website and in the whitepaper.

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