Robert F. Kennedy Jr. believes that bitcoin is the “best hedge against inflation”

US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claims that bitcoin is the “best hedge against inflation.” He added that cryptocurrencies “are taking control away from the government and the monopolistic banking system.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explains the BTC phenomenon

Independent US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. he again emphasized that he is a fan of cryptocurrencies. IN post on X he said that in his opinion “cryptocurrency is the path to our independence from the Federal Reserve.”

This is the best hedge against inflation. It also takes control away from the government and the monopolistic banking system that uses money printing to shift wealth upward toward a billionaire oligarchy while impoverishing ordinary Americans

– added.

But then it turned out where this sympathy for BTC came from.

If you agree that cryptocurrencies mean freedom, help me realize this vision as president

– he wrote.

So can Kennedy be accused of political cynicism? He is certainly fighting for the cryptocurrency electorate. At the same time, he has been openly saying for months that he is a fan of bitcoin. Last year he said he bought BTC for his children. He recently emphasized that Satoshi Nakamoto's work is a departure from the “money printing machine” of central banks, emphasizing its status as a “hard currency”. He also emphasized the importance of freedom at the level of concluding transactions, identifying it with freedom of speech.

Last October, Kennedy also promised that if elected president of the United States, he would take all steps to protect bitcoin.

I intend to make sure that bitcoin is protected, that people can keep their own wallets, that the current White House war on bitcoin ends, and that (blockchain) transactions are protected.

– he said.

He is also against CBDC emissions.

Chances of winning? Close to zero

The problem is that Kennedy has a low chance of becoming president. Initially, he fought for the nomination of the Democratic Party, in which his famous ancestors (his uncle, John, and his father, Robert) were active. When it turned out that the group would choose Joe Biden in the race, he decided that he would not give up and would fight for the presidency as an independent politician.

However, the political system in the USA in practice excludes non-party candidates – specifically those who are not from the Democratic or Republican Party. Hence, Kennedy has virtually no chance of living in the White House.

However, it is worth praising him for the fact that, together with, among others, Ron DeSantis introduced the topic of CBDC and BTC into the campaign.