Bard turns into Gemini. Google with a new AI proposal

Gemini is a new artificial intelligence proposal from Google, which replaces the current Bard. The changes clearly show that Google intends to compete with OpenAI, because the paid version of Gemini (Gemini Advanced) will cost exactly the same as ChatGPT Plus. Does Google's AI have a chance to overtake the challenger associated with AI from November 2022?

The bard is undergoing a transformation – does Google have an ace up its cyber sleeve?

The buzzy announcement of Bard's Gemini transformation has fueled expectations for Google's response to ChatGPT. Although Bard operated practically throughout 2023, it remained in the clear shadow of its competition from OpenAI. Google decided to launch an attack, turning Bard into Gemini, their latest version of generative artificial intelligence. It is supposed to be a kind of “new opening” that will allow us to show the full potential of Google's chatbot.

Moreover, Gemini is supposed to be a real revolution, because the main idea is to offer Gemini users in the form of an AI agent, which will be available as part of the Google search engine. According to Sissie Hsiao, vice president and general manager of Google Assistant and Bard, the proposed changes are the first step in “building a true AI assistant.” Google's main goal is to offer an interesting alternative to OpenAI.

Gemini Advanced, Google's answer to ChatGPT 4

Users have the option of using Gemini for free and the “Advanced” version for $19.99 per month. The price is exactly the same as ChatuGPT-4. Interestingly, the similarity in terms of price is not the only one, because Gemini Advanced is to offer users a wide range of possibilities – from generating content and photos to document analysis. It is worth adding that Google One subscribers will have access to AI capabilities in Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets and Meet. It is worth adding that Google One, a paid subscription, has reached 100 million subscriptions.

It is also clearly visible that Google clearly wants to take the initiative now and intends to provide AI solutions that exceed what AI from OpenAI currently offers. Nevertheless, the market position that OpenAI has achieved over the last dozen or so months puts the company in a leadership role. Google missed the moment of introducing AI chatbots, so the current transformation of Bard into Gemini is supposed to be an effective way to reduce the gap.