zondacrypto begins cooperation with the Blockchain Polska Association

The zondacrypto exchange has started cooperation with the Blockchain Polska Association. What does this organization do?

Blockchain Poland Association

The Blockchain Polska Association is a non-profit organization that deals with education in the field of blockchain. As its creators admit, “our mission is to connect entrepreneurs, programmers, enterprises and technology enthusiasts and to act as a platform enabling cooperation for the entire Polish and global blockchain community.” In practice, the Blockchain Polska Association brings together experts who specialize in blockchain technology and people interested in this topic, representing various environments (IT, law, marketing, sales).

We are always happy to share our knowledge with other people or business entities who are looking for a way to join the world of blockchain technology

– adds the organization.

zondacrypto joins forces with the association

Now zondacrypto joins this entity.

We have become a Partner and Member of another important industry organization! The Blockchain Polska Association, operating since 2018, aims to stimulate the exchange of knowledge and experience in the area of ​​blockchain technology in Poland and to promote Polish initiatives internationally. Currently, the association includes over 30 organizations from the Polish Web3 market. And now we do too!

– the exchange said in a statement.

Przemysław Kral, CEO of zondacrypto, commented on the company's new initiative:

I am absolutely thrilled that zondacrypto has just become a Partner and Member of another important industry organization!

Since its establishment in 2018, the Blockchain Polska Association has been actively supporting the exchange of knowledge and ideas in the field of blockchain innovation. The association includes over 30 organizations from the Polish Web3 market. And now we too have become part of this community!

I have always believed that collaboration is the driving force behind the success of our industry. Let's face it – myths about blockchain and cryptocurrencies will not dispel themselves. This requires working together. I am therefore very pleased that zondacrypto is becoming an increasingly integral part of various European industry associations. There are many projects ahead of us that we can implement together!

Will these types of organizations become more important?

Organizations such as the Blockchain Poland Association may become more important in the near future. This is because the new Minister of Digital Affairs, Krzysztof Gawkowski, announced his willingness to talk to experts on the regulation of new technology markets. To have these conversations, you need to join a nonprofit organization.

We can only hope that zondacrypto will get involved – through the association – in the process of regulating the blockchain industry in Poland. The company already has experience in this, as its representatives took part in similar talks with the government when Anna Streżyńska was the Minister of Digital Affairs, or later, when the matter was dealt with by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.