Are you a humanist and are you afraid that artificial intelligence will take your job? We have good news!

Do you enter the phrase “whose jobs will be taken by artificial intelligence” into Google every few days? Do you think ChatGPT will send you to an intermediary soon (does anyone even remember what that is?)? We have good news. According to experts, AI may not deprive you of gainful employment. At least if you are a humanist.

Artificial intelligence will not take away the jobs of humanities specialists

Prof. Ryszard Koziołek, rector of the University of Silesia in Katowice, talked to PAP, among others. about how AI can change how we make a living. Many people, especially those who have studied humanities, fear that new technology will drive them out of the market. This won't be the case at all. At least according to the scientist.

(Artificial intelligence) It will not displace humanists, but it will move them to another place. I am fascinated by this because for the first time there has been an entity of thinking, speaking and creating that works completely differently than a human.

It is, of course, a kind of computer learning machine, but perhaps it is something more. It can learn, but its learning system is based on different principles than the human mind. It's a feeling as if something third had joined the two of us, because it's not a third person, to whom we can ask questions, and it gives us answers, but they reach them through different paths.

Most importantly, we cannot trust it because, unlike us, it cannot be held accountable for whether it is telling the truth or not.

– he said in an interview with PAP.

Writers, sleep soundly!

A similar tone was recently expressed by Pamela Krzypkowska from the Polish Ministry of Digitization, who talked to Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. And she believes that artificial intelligence will not be able to match the best writers for a long time.

However, this last point is crucial: AI will not take away jobs the best. An average or weak writer or copywriter may feel threatened and will be “relocated to another place”, as Koziołek mentioned.

ChatGPT doesn't handle Polish very well these days. It will write an article at the user's request, but it still needs to be refined by a human. It's also about checking the content, but above all about smoothing out the style. This one can be quite rough

However, the latter may change. At the request of the Ministry of Digitization, “Polish ChatGPT”, PLLuM (short for Polish Large Language Universal Model) is being created. Its first version will be created in December 2024. Then the virtual assistant based on it will be made public. The project is implemented by the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, NASK, the Information Processing Center, the Institute of Fundamentals of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the University of Łódź and the Institute of Slavic Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Developed by leading research units in cooperation with public administration, in accordance with the principles of responsible development of AI systems, a transparent and fully accessible open model will be an innovation on a global scale in the sense of a project combining access to data, competences, technical resources and know-how of scientific and government units with the common goal of supporting science and the economy, including the competitiveness of Polish enterprises

– Wojciech Pawlak, director of the NASK National Research Institute, described the project in the official announcement.

To sum up, do humanists have anything to fear? Yes and no. Talented journalists, copywriters and writers should not worry in advance. AI can support them in their work, perform more boring tasks, create the basis for articles or come up with catchy titles. Those less talented may be forced out of the market. However, this will not happen immediately. This is a process that will probably take a few more years.