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Early in the morning Sunday, we received the following notices:

We immediately reversed the domain transfers for

GoDaddy has been slow to respond however. When we asked them where the changes came from they revealed that the changes in domain ownership came from inside GoDaddy. This means that either it is an employee of GoDaddy or it is someone who used the phone to talk to a domain administrator and from there transferred the domains out of the account

On Monday we received the following:

Needless to say, we will not pay bribes. Neither did I scam anyone, steal from anyone or in any way profit from the losses of others in any way at all from any crypto project I have undertaken to date. To suggest that this is so is false.

I have been involved in analysing and formulating theory on crypto for many, many years. I care about the space. I am not here for money. And we cannot be bribed.

On the contrary, this is the attitude and demeanour and disposition of the types of people you see who accuse me of such things. Read the e mails for yourself.

While we wait for GoDaddy later today we will get up a Futereum website at an alternate address. REGARDLESS, ONLY EVER SEND ETH TO THE FOLLOWING ADDRESS FOR FUTR:


Note: your crypto (ETH) is safely stored in the smart contract address. You can check Block Explorer any time and find that is the case. Equally, anyone can mine FUTR from the smart contract address: 0xc83355ef25a104938275b46cffd94bf9917d0691

I will follow up later with an alternate address.

Yours Sincerely,


Daniel Mark Harrison

**UPDATE 08:01 GMT**

It seems as if GoDaddy’s Network Violations department is swinging into gear, albeit slowly. We are now in contact directly with them:

We will let you know more as this unfolds and once the domains are safely back in our hands. Thanks for your patience.

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