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Futereum Updates Website To; Introduces Futereum X (FUTX)

Futereum has temporarily moved home to a new website address after having its domain name stolen by malicious attackers. Not to be deterred by the event, Cryptofinance's first derivative utility token is also being made available in time-shortened format days before listing on a home-grown exchange.

Futereum, the world’s first developer of the ether-based derivative utility token FUTR, has moved domains temporarily after having its domain names stolen from web hosting provider GoDaddy. The new domain name of Futereum is now

Futereum has managed to locate the new home of the domains, which are sitting inside a hosting company located within the Ukranian. The geographical positioning of the domains combined with the recent disclosure that Daniel Mark Harrison is behind the project, who is one of cryptofinance’s most controversial innovators and the inventor of the value coeval, indicates the theft was personally targeted.

In July last year, Mr. Harrison released the Coeval token, which rose from as little as $2 right up to over 0.5 BTC before allegedly suffering an attack at the hands of Goldseek Radio and as a result of the malicious intervention of developers at Waves Decentralised Exchange (DEX). Coeval (COE) and Monkey (MNY) both reached the front page of CoinMarketCap at the time, with the former sailing up as high as Number 30 on the leaderboard virtually overnight.  Mr. Harrison, who is the subject of a proposed class action litigation in the Southern District of Florida, said that the team is busy building the tokens in ERC format for distribution at some point in February.

“After a while, you get used to seeing it all. At that point you say, I have a duty to my customers first, to get them this outstanding product as soon as we can, and also to the world maybe. For it may just turn out that it is one of these innovations that ends up rescuing the world out of a big part of debt and poverty,” Mr. Harrison told The Currency Journal in an interview.

About Futereum, Mr. Harrison was clearly excited for the prospects of the brand and unphased by the domain thefts. “I’ve had plenty of experience with malicious domain thieves in the past 6 months; it won’t hurt the brand at all. The brand is in the superior product functionality of the FUTR product range. Our products actually get more valuable over time. I don’t think any one is really in any doubt that we’ve come out with a massive breakthrough for Blockchain value now. Futereum absolutely is the future of crypto, it seems!”

Launch of Futereum X (FUTX)

Days ahead of the listing on exchange of Futereum, the cryptofinance innovation team have unveiled the release of a new, time-enhanced version of the world’s first Ether-based derivative. Futereum X, billed as Futereum to the power of x, or time-enhanced FUTR, value mines Ether in exactly the same way and on exactly the same algorithm as FUTR does, except at 100th of the time taken. As a result, FUTX will make the perfect addition to Futerex, Futereum’s homegrown exchange that it is building with one of the world’s top crypto-exchange operators and licensors.

“We chose to go big box with this and essentially say, let’s hook up with a big partner and not try and do it all ourselves this time, which has caused no end of trouble before. So while Futereum won’t operate the exchange, our products, those being FUTR and FUTX will immediately be made available for trading as crypto pairs as of its launch in just a few days time now,” Harrison told The Currency Journal. Mr. Harrison added that the Futereum exchange was separate from the Monkey exchange which was under a slightly longer development timeline, but that both projects were part of the same core habitat.

The contract is now active and the source code is available for inspection in the same way as for FUTR. As for FUTR, to value mine the much-nimbler FUTX, users just send Ether to the smart contract address for the FUTX token: 0x8b7d07b6ffB9364e97B89cEA8b84F94249bE459F

An exclusive copy of the pre-release of the FUTX presentation obtained by The Currency Journal can be found below:

FUTX Presentation

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