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Domains Restored As Futerex Exchange Goes Live; Futereum, Peercoin, Zurcoin To Trade

Futereum has obtained back its domain names after a hacker stole them earlier this week, while the highly-anticipated Futerex Exchange was counting down to go live on Sunday, February 4.

Sunday, Futereum domain names, and others were returned back to their rightful owners as the project team was gearing up to launch the Futerex Exchange.

“It seems that 10 phonecalls to Godaddy Customer UnSupport is the magic number.  I would guess that the domain hijackers were sloppy and gave the game away with the wording on the one email where it is clear they are our domains,” Craig Vallis, President and chief technology officer told The Currency Journal, referring to the ransom notes written by the hackers and sent to the team.

Earlier this week, hackers stole the Futereum domains and placed them inside a server in Ukraine. Initially, GoDaddy were reluctant to release the domains back into the foundation’s control. Now however, they are safely back in their original hands. The hackers asked for 10 BTC to be paid to release the domains but this was denied and no amount of money was ever paid to release them.

Daniel Mark Harrison, the project’s founder, wrote in a letter published in The Currency Journal at the time:

Needless to say, we will not pay bribes. Neither did I scam anyone, steal from anyone or in any way profit from the losses of others in any way at all from any crypto project I have undertaken to date. To suggest that this is so is false.

I have been involved in analysing and formulating theory on crypto for many, many years. I care about the space. I am not here for money. And we cannot be bribed.

On the contrary, this is the attitude and demeanour and disposition of the types of people you see who accuse me of such things. Read the e mails for yourself.

Futerex Exchange Countdown Underway

The team also told The Currency Journal that development progress on the Futerex Exchange looks to be in the final stages of completion. They supplied the publication with some screenshots of the development ahead of the opening of the exchange and the concurrent exchange listing of Futereum:

Futerex Exchange is scheduled to go online at some point within the next 24 hours. On the exchange a group of currency pairs initially comprising 11 digital assets will trade against Futereum (FUTR), Futereum X (FUTX) and Peercoin (PPC). Zurcoin (ZUR) will be added over the forthcoming week to comprise the fourth base pair on the exchange. Futerex Exchange is the first Alternate Pair Exchange (APE) to go live. APE’s were a concept originally introduced in the December, 2017 Zurcoin White Paper.

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