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5 Reasons Why Futereum Smart Contracts Are The Future of Crypto

Futereum is the future of crypto, but that's not just a marketing slogan - it happens to be a reality. Here are five indisputable reasons why that's the case.

Futereum (FUTR) and by extension Futereum X (FUTX), are two digital assets that have some of the most potential to transform the way we perceive and use utility on the Blockchain in the coming 2-3 years. What makes these assets so precious is that they actually do what the distributed ledger technology was designed for – they create a more equitable, easily-accessible, efficient form of payment utility. Here are 5 things that are so powerful about Futereum smart contracts:

  1. Futereum is more equitably distributed than most digital assets. Despite claims that digital assets are highly distributed, this is not the case. For the most part, large premines swallow up the majority holdings of most token issuances. This is not the case with Futereum or Futereum X, both of which have economically much more distributed holdings, as evinced by their Top 100 holdings. The reason for this is the employment of the feemine. Instead of keeping back a huge percentage of the tokens in return for development, Futereum takes a fee at source. This means that there is no Futereum premine. Thus, every single Futereum available for sale on the market has been purchased the same way – by someone sending Ether to the Futereum smart contract:

A depiction of FUTR vs. EOS and TRX shows how Futereum tokens are much more equitably distributed as a result of the fees in the value mining process.

  1. Futereum makes the Ethereum Virtual Machine more efficient and thus has a positive effect on the technology’s ecosystem. In all this value innovation talk, what very often goes missing is how much it impacts the underlying network. In the case of Futereum and Futereum X, by collectively shoring up nearly 600,000 Ether tokens per cycle, over time about 1%-3% per year of Ether will be employed at any one time in the Futereum smart contract. Over 10 years, this represents around a quarter to a third of all Ether that will at some point sit inside the Futereum smart contracts. What this means is that the Ether in the Futereum smart contracts is effectively taken off market, reducing the transaction burden on the Ethereum network and improving performance considerably. This allows for more decentralised virtual applications such as Crypto Kitties without the network jamming effects of the last 12 months). Most would argue network efficiency is a must.

Games such as Cryptokitties caused the Ethereum network to come to a grinding halt in 2017; Futereum smart contracts promise to remedy some of this and make the network more efficient

  1. Futereum is the perfect way of both reducing the risk of holding a lot of Ether and improving the potential returns of holding Ether. Because Fuetereum and Futereum X are both, for all intents and purposes, Ether, in that FUTR and FUTX are exchangeable for Ether at the end of their value mining cycles, a purchaser of the Futereum assets essentially gets a diversified bet on ETH while still retaining the opportunity to hold on to the original investment of ETH. This is possibly the first time in the history of economic innovation that both Beta (price volatility) has been more dispersed alongside an increase in alpha (absolute returns). In other words, by purchasing FUTR and FUTX, a holder of ETH is awarded the chance of selling out either the Futereum tokens at a point where there is a sharp price increase in the derivative utility token on exchange, or holding out until the end of the value mining cycle and swapping back for Ether. This reality both diversifies the Ether holder’s core risk and improves their odds of scoring better-than-market value at the same time. The combination of less risk and higher returns is extraordinary and possibly a first.

Futereum smart contracts enhance returns while lessening risk in underlying Ether bets – a unique first for financial innovation!

  1. Futereum Tokens act in a similar way to a forced savings account, enabling a digital asset speculator to grind through the ups-and-downs of digital currency volatility to take advantage of the huge potential long term gains. If you ask around, one of the core features that most crypto holders who value mine Futereum and Futereum X love most is the aspect of the product that forces them to commit a saving in Ether inside the Futereum smart contract. Many Ether holders are fully aware that the price of ETH may increase multiple thousands of percent over the next 1-3 years. However, in reality, how many of us can sit on an asset as it soars above 1000% without taking any profits at all? That takes a stomach of steel. Futereum forces a FUTR or FUTX value miner who sent ETH to the smart contract to hold that position out longer than they ordinarily would by enabling a swap only at the very end of the mining cycles (1-3 years for FUTR and 4-12 months for FUTX). While this means that one may want to limit the amount of Ether they send to the Futereum smart contract, it is equally useful in terms committing what is a small amount of value today in return for what will potentially convert into a much more meaningful sum of cash in the future.

FUTR and FUTX work a bit like long-term savings accounts for Ether holders who want to take the pressure off their own trading strategies and hold out ETH for the medium-to-long term

  1. Futereum gets more and more valuable intrinsically over time. One of the current Futereum value miners pointed us in the direction of a number of calculations that show how, given the unlikelihood of value miners of late-stage levels swapping at the end of the cycle (due to poor swaps returns as a result of being at the tail end of the Fibonacci algorithm), Futereum smart contracts intrinsically fill up with more Ether every value mining cycle. Taken to its natural extent, what this implies is quite shocking: that FUTR and FUTX will one day have more Ether in the smart contracts per token issued than the number of Futereum tokens per Ether. In other words, the mathematics shows that ultimately, FUTR and FUTX will be even more valuable than the token that is used to mine it! At this point, of course, later stage levels become extremely attractive to value mine, thus perpetuating the velocity at which cycles occur and hence compounding to the process. More than anything, what this shows is how economically sound the Futereum smart contract is deigned to be:

An independent XLS analysis undertaken by a Futereum holder shows how Futereum smart contracts become intrinsically more valueable over time, making them the most economically-efficient assets currently available on the Blockchain. 

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