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Dream Market adds bitcoin cash support

The popular underground marketplace – Dream Market – has added bitcoin cash (BCH) as a means of payment and while the cryptocurrency is not fully integrated yet, it is still useable and this could solve many problems that users are currently facing because of bitcoin.

Through their official announcement, Dream Market note that BCH is now ‘useable’, but full integration is still pending. They launched BCH support because of some ‘urgency’ and while they haven’t clarified what urgency they are referring to, we believe it is the stuck bitcoin transactions and high transaction fees.

Something that may raise concerns regarding privacy as obfuscating bitcoin transactions might now be far too costly, thus potentially easily linking on-chain bitcoin payments to identities. While Bitcoin Cash is working on increasing the current pseudo-anaonymous privacy levels to potentially fully anonymous through CashShuffle.

That’s a mixing like protocol that combines a number of transactions and shuffles them around, making it difficult – if at all possible –  to tell which address sent what to whom.

In other somewhat related news, PirateBay took the time to very publicly laugh at Bitcoin Cash while begging for donations to complement presumably their healthy advertising revenue.

This peculiar action led to speculation about PirateBay, including wild theories they are now just a honeypot, with the move potentially alienating what are likely to be millions of Bitcoin Cash supporters.

However, it also probably brought more attention to Bitcoin Cash, raising its awareness, with the one currency interestingly missing from all of this being ethereum. That might be because eth supporters do not prioritize its use as a currency because of smart contracts, focusing instead on Daaps and on creating a new code based ecosystem rather than gaining merchants.

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Belinda Carey

A finance girl by education, Belinda has been drawn to cryptocurrencies ever since Bitcoin first emerged in the 2009. Nearly a decade later, Belinda is actively working to spread awareness about cryptocurrencies as well as their impact on the traditional currencies.

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