The Currency Journal is a source of news and updates for followers of innovator Daniel Mark Harrison written by a team of professionally-trained, experienced and independent journalists. Any people, projects or enterprises that Mr. Harrison is involved with or working with are the subject of this news site.

In early 2019, The Currency Journal was sold to Neurone Limited, a separately-managed organisation registered in Hong Kong. Mr. Harrison’s company DMH&CO sold Neurone the website and all its contents and servers on the understanding it would be run as an independent news site and that it would no longer serve as an official mouthpiece of Daniel Mark Harrison or any of his projects or companies.

The new owners are confident that Mr. Harrison’s activities are enough to fill a whole news site. Since the start of 2019, there have been five projects that Mr. Harrison has actively been involved in, with another two projects now on the horizon. We consider this plenty of news to cover for one site.

Due to the huge amount of misinformation and the general amount of slander over this talented entrepreneur in the recent past, we decided to purchase The Currency Journal from Mr. Harrison and run it ourselves with the promise that we would always be objective – whether that suited him or not.

We also informed him that while we would not charge him or his companies for operating expenses we would neither pay him a substantial sum for the site, and certainly nowhere near what it would fetch on the market at the time. To our surprise, Mr. Harrison accepted our offer and terms for independent editorial administration.

We felt and still feel that for such a potentially important public figure it was vital to retain an accurate history of his business dealings, personal invectives and general practice and innovations.

We could not have started at a better time, it appears, with many of Daniel Mark Harrison’s ideas just now coming into the mainstream fore of finance, or what he calls “financial art”.


Peter Osborne-White

Peter Osborne-White is a leading business journalist who worked as a producer for Al Jazeera English, Asahi TV and CNN international before turning to print journalism as a professional freelance journalist He has been published in the Hartford Courrant, the Los Angeles Times and the Tribune, among others. He is the Editor-in-chief of The Currency Journal.

John Clare

John Clare is a former editor of the Nikkei Review and the Wall Street Journal Asia. He is currently a Senior Editor at The Currency Journal.

Tim Parris

Tim Parris is a Southern Europe and South America-based Royalty, travel and political writer, published in El Pais, Le Figaro, Hola! and other leading newspapers and magazines. in addition, he is the host of TV5 production Paris a Parris. He is a Contributing Editor for The Currency Journal.

Amanda Royce

Amanda Royce is a leading Blockchain events coordinator who has worked with Vitalik Buterin, Roger Ver and Andreas Antanopoulis among other leading cryptocurrency names. She is a Consulting Editor for The Currency Journal.


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