Vitalik Buterin et al: Where Are The Blockchain Solutions?

I am having a little mini-period meltdown right now. Not because crypto markets are down. That’s OK. That’s alright. They are markets. They go up and down. Fair. I can’t find fault with that. But where, I ask, is all the development?

It seems the only guys who are developing shit are Maker and Futereum. I don’t know. There’s Synthetix and Snode too, I guess. Hats off to those chaps. (They really are making amazing solutions!)

But what of Ethereum? ICON? NEO? What of bitcoin, for that matter? The Lightening Network? Are you serious? What are we really seeing here in terms of core dev? I thought Casper was supposed to be this great catch-all solution to proof-of-stake? But no; in fact, not just no – nowhere to be found.

Vitalik, I have a couple words for you: step up to the plate. Get on with your job. Do what you promised us you would do. Make Blockchain great again. Make Casper not just a whisp in the wind but a real-fledged tech.

Maybe Binance can save us with its new network? Or Tron? Justin, are you done yet? A little birdie told me your network was high-flying. If so, well done. That would certainly make a nice change over the past 18 months of zero dev solutions.

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Amanda Royce
Amanda Royce is a leading Blockchain events coordinator who has worked with Vitalik Buterin, Roger Ver and Andreas Antanopoulis among other leading cryptocurrency names. She is a Consulting Editor for The Currency Journal.

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