DMH Enters Most Popular Videos On Bix Weir

Less than a month ago DMH was hailed across the media for calling out centralised exchanges in a Medium article that was initially picked up by CCN and then went viral throughout the day.

Later in the day, the A-list Youtuber Bix Weir picked up on the story:

Bravo to you, Daniel Mark Harrison. We need more guys like this in crypto – guys who have the balls to stand up to these criminals.

Now, the video has clocked up almost 10,00 0 views and just entered into Biz Weir’s most popular videos list. You can see the episode here:

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Amanda Royce
Amanda Royce is a leading Blockchain events coordinator who has worked with Vitalik Buterin, Roger Ver and Andreas Antanopoulis among other leading cryptocurrency names. She is a Consulting Editor for The Currency Journal.

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