DMH News Roundup (9th Jan., 2019): “Prick”

We noted with interest yesterday that Daniel Mark Harrison’s Synthchain White Paper, in which the various dimensions of utility and value are first explored, was re-released after 6 months.

The Updated & Revised Second Edition contains specific plans about a type of decentralised asset management model that DMH portends to be rolling out, although given the innovator’s penchant for using the world as a lab for his latest ideas, we wouldn’t suggest holding your breath for too much time for now on this latest idea until it’s more substantiated.

What was interesting however was that the White Paper was also made available in entirety on Medium. Could this be a sign of things to come? When we asked him about it 24 hours ago, DMH disclosed to us that he was considering publishing an updated edition of his bestseller The Blockchain You Don’t Know soon on Medium too. Could this be the first ever book launched on Medium then? Our interests are piqued here at The Currency Journal.

Maybe not everyone will be quite so pleased to see more of DMH’s latest scripture online, however. Some of you will recall a moment about 18 months ago when DMH was lambasted for writing “jibberish” in the FT:

Well, DMH took the comment literally, it appears, and wasn’t in the least perturbed by the ironic slight of hand:

In an e-mail transcript he sent us we noticed how he even sent a copy to no one less than the FT writer and well-respect establishment figure in British financial journalism Paul Murphy, the author of the snarky headline.

Alas, it turns out the gift was not as well-received as he hoped:

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