Putting Thitinun’s Affiliate Program To The Test

I read Daniel Mark Harrison’s piece today about the way in which affiliate mining works with great interest, as indeed, I have spent the last week reading up on his articles as well as some excellent White Papers of his such as The Synthchain, which outlines the foundations of the Thitinun Token.

There is no doubt about it, the content is good, maybe even game-changing if he can manage to persuade enough crypto buyers to give it a try. One thing that I found lacking however was any example use-cases. Example use-cases are something we always used at my last employer. In fact, if you came up with a new idea and had less than three use-case examples ready at the hand your ideas would often go unheard for weeks and sometimes months even afterwards.

I drew up a quick excel of a random list of names that could be the world’s first Thitinun Guinea pigs. I sorted the names in order of contribution and shaded the Top 10 affiliates, assigning the subsequent players in blocks of the 10 consecutive names on the list.

What you are looking at is the Top 10 contributors out of a potential 110 contributors I mapped with an average play load of around 3-4 ETH. These contributors’ returns are phenomenal for the guys at the very top, and it has got to be said, not bad at all for the ones even who are coming in at 10th place.

What about your guy in row 55 however, or even row 70? That was my first thought. The one, you know, who could only afford 2.5 ETH (and that was all he had to spend, too)? Actually, for such a guy, the scenario is pretty hot. He gets back 20% of what he put in this month in these Synthnodes. If those Synthnodes are played right at the start, which DMH advertises will always be the case, he can easily make many times over his 2.5 ETH investment by the end of 2019 in Bancor tokens fed to those initial early Synthnodes he has.

If that row 70 guy adds in the bonus tokens such as MNY and maybe plays the Preminer for the Synthnodes after for a small bump, which won’t probably include those bigger agents at the top, he could be in the money within as little as a month or two on that one trade and hundreds of percent up potentially.

Pretty impressive so far, I must say.

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Alex Yorkshire-Melon is a Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur (2017) and the former chief technology officer of Amobase, a global artificially-intelligent weapons system manufacturer and innovator. After spending 5 years co-founding one of the world's smartest multi-range, mega-density nuclear and atomic missile technology intelligence companies, Alex felt like a break and co-founded two ICOs and has sat on the Board of Advisors for a further thirteen ICOs in the past year alone. He is a Senior Consulting Editor at The Currency Journal who brings a specialist knowledge of technology and systems operability to this synthetic financial revolution. He holds a Double Masters with Honours from Michigan Technological University.

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