Thitinun Partners With Coinswitch To Offer Crypto Exchange

Thitinun, the first affiliate decentralised asset manager, is teaming up with exchange services provider CoinSwitch to add a new dimension to its product offering: exchange-related services. The resulting product from the partnership is to be called Thitinun Decentralised Exchange, or simply NUNDEX, after the token’s three-letter symbol NUN.

Under the terms of the agreement, Thitinun enters into its own affiliate marketing agrement with the exchange, acting as an independent white label marketer for CoinSwitch’s unique 400-plus pair cryptocurrency exchange, which is branded according to Thitinun’s own logo scheme. Meanwhile, Thitinun’s parent Zurbank, which is a trading name for DMH&CO, becomes the beneficiary of 50% of the profits under the deal.

What is unique about the exchange is how any coin can be exchanged for any coin in a truly decentralised manner. As a result, the platform will benefit Thitinun’s holders a lot in the future, when they will be able to convert the multitudinous airdropped tokens they own into virtually any major crypto, the company maintains on its website.

“This is just one of many high-profile partnerships we look forward to announcing in the coming weeks,” said Daniel Mark Harrison, the creator of Thitinun and co-founder of Zurcoin, as well as chief executive officer and Chairman of DMH&CO.

The exchange deal comes on the same day that Thitinun’s official Bitcointalk thread goes up.

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