Thitinun Affiliate Frenzy: Decentralised Asset Management For Blockchain

Just one day into the New Year and the world’s first decentralised asset management solution for cryptocurrency assets has bolted out the gate. Thitinun, an affiliate marketing program, is a tokenised masternode. It is the first of its kind in a next-generation smart contract build programmed by Designer Engineer Thomas Loth and big-name innovator Daniel Mark Harrison, who’s also the co-founder of Zurcoin.

“We are really, really excited about Thitinun,” said Mr. Harrison in an interview with TCJ. “It’s the first time since Bitcoin that people have been able to buy into a decentralised product that truly benefits everyone from all walks of life and I can’t say how satisfying it is to have developed a product like that which actually provably works.”

Thitinun was originally designed as a test-case by Mr. Loth in August and to satisfy distribution for a series of swaps held on Waves DEX by Mr. Harrison late in 2017. Since it has been issued, the initial contract, Zur Drafts, has performed flawlessly now for a whole half year without any interruption.

Thitinun has got market analysts so excited for its functionality. Not only is it a token in ERC20 format, but its holders can mine anything sent to its smart contract direct to their wallets. What is more, the token is individually manageable, meaning that each token remembers its share of mined cryptocurrency and thus doesn’t mine another token’s share of what’s in the contract.

“It’s the Holy Grail in a way,” said Don Hayes, a digital currency analyst noted for his big Ethereum calls in 2014 which proved correct. “It’s probably fair to say that in the case of Thitinun, it’s everything in one: an affiliate rewards program, a big blockchain solution for global poverty on a mass-scale and flawless engineering by one of the world’s most respected programmers working in software right now.”

With Thitinun, Mr. Harrison’s decentralised brand Zurbank has come up with an innovative way to make the token continually pay for itself. Every month, all new sales revenue is directed into purchases of alternate cryptocurrencies which are then airdropped via the Thitinun smart contract to the individual holders. Affiliates, which are limited to a very small number per month, can gain more Thitinun tokens via purchases made from an unlimited number of big investors.

You can find more at the Thitinun Token website.

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