Daniel Mark Harrison Introduces DMHCO “Stamps”

After creating digital notes earlier this year, financial artist Daniel Mark Harrison & Company is launching a new type of digital paper: digital stamps. Digital Stamps are tokens that have specific purchase assignments so that they appear more like a form of credit or discount coupon than a currency per se. So, for example, says the company, digital stamps may be used to make purchases of shares but at the same time, they may be also used to buy masternodes, or even luxury houses.

“Approximately 10,000 DMHCO will purchase one share of a public company soon,’Daniel Mark Harrison, the company’s founder told the Zurbank discord recently. “The entire transaction will only cost you DMHCO and nothing else and cash will be immediately realisable in every single case once you receive the assets. Then we will do an Island so you can own a piece of an island where you will be able to build a house or just sell the land. It’s a good island. Rich tourists go there, I don’t think people will hold for that long for these sorts of reasons. I have some super rich friends and they think this is kinda fun so we all got lucky in that way I guess.”

DMHCO digital stamps are already listed at both Instant Bitex and Escodex, but the controversial entrepreneur who hails from 9 generations of currency and stamp printers told The Currency Journal that he would be looking at listing the token on much more high profile exchanges in the very near future, after the company completes a public sale scheduled in a few days time wherein the stamps are being applied yet another new purchase utility still – buying masternodes for the Zurshares Blockchain, which was recently promo’d here.

The DMHCO stamps come ahead of not just the Zurshares masternode blockchain but also a synthetic blockchain infrastructure Mr. Harrison calls a synthchain, which stands for synthetic blockchain.

“The [smart] contract has two functions: it can swap back for its original unit of purchase (see above for algorithm) or it can mine a share of token rewards,” Mr. Harrison wrote in a Medium post earlier today.

Mr. Harrison made news earlier this week calling out exchanges for market manipulation in a series of stories that went viral all around the world (see some examples here, here, here, here and here).

Note: The Currency Journal is owned by Zurbank

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