Gozo Prepares for Takeoff as Blockchain is Positioned to Remedy Loyalty Rewards Program Woes

The $8 trillion travel industry just met its newest, and potentially, greatest asset – Gozo. Gozo is a distinctive blockchain enabled multitoken crypto wallet, loyalty reward points clearing house, and travel club, and it is gearing up to give traditional travel rewards programs a huge makeover.

Businesses from airlines to hotels are witnessing a rapid decline in customer engagement because of a lacking uniform system to keep rewards organized, up to date and easy to access. Customers become frustrated with complicated systems and oftentimes hundreds of points go unused. However, blockchain and cryptocurrency technology are set to change the way we use loyalty rewards programs forever with the unbound benefits of new secure, reliable and near real-time access of points and rewards.

Recently, Gozo launched its first airdrop campaign which resulted in a very positive public response in the crypto-space. Results show that within the first 48 hours of the airdrop campaign, more than 6,000 users registered on the Gozo platform and more than 5,000 new members joined the Gozo Telegram group (https://t.me/gozo_io). The airdrop campaign runs until September 30th or until the propagation of the 10,000,000 GOZO tokens that are allocated for the campaign.

Ziad Nassar, co-creator of Gozo stated, “Gozo is preparing to take flight with an arsenal of partnerships, business announcements and opportunities in front of us. We look forward to providing our members with a fully compliant, blockchain-based wallet and marketplace, and solving a long overdue issue for travel rewards programs.”

Additionally, Gozo has been proactively meeting with a number of investors, customers and media during its summer tour of events, some of which include: ICO Rating Wall Street Roadshow in New York, NY; Blockshow Americas in Las Vegas, NV; The Voice of Blockchain in Chicago, Ill.; and Silicon Valley Mars Blockchain Summit in Redwood City, CA.

“Gozo has experienced great business interest and industry thought leadership in such a short amount of time.” said Dr. Roy Labban, co-creator of Gozo. “Each event we take part in further advances Gozo’s development and aids in propelling us into an industry full of unrealized opportunity. Our event participation is indicative of our commitment to building a unique, bi-directional conversion of loyalty reward travel points and member benefits under a unified, secure, and regulated marketplace for our members leveraging machine learning and AI to bridge the gap between travel providers, brands and customers.”

To stay updated on Gozo news visit https://gozo.io/ or follow them on one of their social channels Twitter https://twitter.com/Gozo_io, Facebook https://www.facebook.com/gozo.io/, and LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/gozo-io/.

Evan Sneider

Evan Sneider is a blockchain media relations specialist and storyteller with more than 10 years of experience driving high-profile and results-driven communication through traditional public relations and social media campaigns.

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