Is ETH Headed For A Massive Surge?

Is it time to buy ETH? According to veteran financial accountant and CFO Hariharan Vaidyanathan (Vhari for short) that may well be the case right now.

The expert, who is well-known in the Discordhas been startlingly accurate about numerous other events, especially when it had come to undertaking technical analysis to forecast, among other things, the recent selloffs in financial sector shares as well as in cryptocurrencies generally. He noted in Telegram:

Exactly a year back ETH hit 172.90 USD, 14th August 2017. Today at 281 its has created a perfect setup here. Time to start position our trades in small chunks. And no better time to load and get into FUTR/FUTX. Biggest area of consolidation that happened in August/September last year before the breakout. Risk/reward now is bigger than a week back.

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