Foundation Governance

Alexander Esmonde-White – Senior Chairman of Governors, The Futereum Foundation


Alexander Esmonde-White is Senior Chairman of the Futereum Foundation. He has over 25 years experience in proprietary trading, Prime Finance Solutions management and economic policy advisory. Esmonde-White trained at Barings Bank before going on to become one of the first pioneers of digital trading innovation while working on the London floor of Kidder Peabody & Co. as a core part of Joseph Jett’s European sales trading team. He occupied this place from the mid-1980s until 1992 when Esmonde-White left to form his own convertible arbitrage group within Bear Stearns. Following his official retirement in 2002, Esmonde-White remained an advisor to the bank until its demise in the subprime crisis of 2007/8. In 2005, Esmonde-White served as a senior economic advisor to Conservative leader Michael Howard in the ultimately unsuccessful conservative general election challenge against incumbent New Labour. Today, Esmonde-White sits on the board of 3 investment funds, which entails regular travel between time zones and not enough time for exercise!


Emily Bianchi – Chief Technology Advisor, The Futereum Foundation


Emily is one of the world’s first female Blockchain devs, and has written critical code for 3 of the first 50 Cryptos in circulation today. She is a C++ programmer who often feels that Crypto is moving too far away from core development and a sufficiently tech focus. To Emily, life is one great puzzle, full of interesting solutions and never-ending possibilities to problem-solving techniques that she likes to spend four nights up figuring out before collapsing in bed. She is a graduate of Occidental University in Los Angeles, CA. Officially she still lives in California but she only really spends about half of the year there. Feel free to hit her up if you’re in the area though – she loves a strong drink and serious debate!


Editorial Staff

Calvin Waters – Editor-in-chief


Calvin is a former foreign exchange trader who worked for Credit Suisse Agricole before moving into business journalism. Since 1997, Calvin has worked in the Middle East and Japan as a news editor and senior sub editor for major news organizations including AFP, Zawya, The Kaleej Times and the Nikkei Review.



Maddison Sullivan – Deputy Editor


Maddison Sullivan is a professional journalist and researcher who has become a confessed Crypto fanatic since attending her first Bitcoin event in California in May 2015. Beginning her career in 2007 at Conde Nast as an intern at Portfolio Magazine, she was later hired by The Big Money as a sub-editor. In 2011, she began freelancing about digital assets. She lives in San Francisco, CA.


Olivia Russo – ICOs & Trends Editor


Olivia is a former public relations professional with experience in event coordination and product placement of digital assets in the mainstream media. She has worked with several of Satoshi’s right-hand-men, including Vitalik Buterin, Roger Ver, Andreas Antonopoulos and other leading luminaries in the Crypto ecosystem.



Sophia Chilton – Contributing Editor


Sophia is a former Morningstar analyst who became fanatical about Blockchain after she first purchased Ethereum in October 2015 and held it right up until April 2017. She is presently in the process of co-founding her own start-up called The Digital Toyshop which she has initially been able to finance with her Ethereum profits. She lives between New York and Hong Kong, where she grew up between.

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