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How Does The Decentralised

Hedge Fund Work?

1. Crypto (Selection will be announced shortly) is sent to MNY smart contract.

2. MNY sells at the same price schedule as Bitcoin (historical record).

3. After around 17m, a randomised price.

How To Play

2 Easy Steps

First Option
Send Payment in COE, EOS, ICX ect. Direct to the MNY smart contract address.

Second Option
Send Payment in ETH to the COE smart contract address and send COE to MNY smart contract address or hold untill COE, MNY discount day.

Notes for

COE holders

1. COE entitles the holder to exclusively mine the MNY smart contract for a period of 4 days (May 17-21) before other cryptocurrencies are permitted to mine it.

2. COE also entitles a monthly discount on MNY purchases. This discount grows larger the more MNY is mined relative to COE purchased

3. COE is the single most valuable tool for MNY miners


Discount Premium

The MNY discount premium is represented as follows:

((Unsold MNY) / Unsold COE) - (210)) = Discount

((X / 210) + 100%) * COE = Premium

Premium / MNY purchased = MNY Discoiunt Premium

Discount premiums occur every 30 days. The more COE in the smart contract relative to MNY, the bigger the discount!

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