Not Just A Ripple: XRP's Encroaching Crypto Dominance Raises Red Alert Among Some
Cryptocurrency Ripple

FUD Facts: XRP’s 35,000%+ Rise Causes A Tsunami of Emotion To Emerge On Twitter

XRP has been all that anyone in Crypto has talked about for the past week. Are you buying, holding or selling? See what Twitter is saying.

The Ripple debate is growing hotter under the collar by the day. Meanwhile, the digital currency just keeps on soaring. Now at $3.71, Ripple is crushing Bitcoin’s dominance of the Index, which has fallen by half to just 33% in the past month:

Is Ripple even a Crypto though? Not according to some of the staunch decentralist right.

Ripple holds 60% of all outstanding XRP coins. That looks like a pretty hefty premine – and from the same co-founder who sold Mt. Gox to Mark Karpeles, too:

As to the issue of Mt. Gox, it appears that the Ripple & Stellar co-founder Jed McCaleb did indeed once make the sale to Karpeles, knowing full well the ill-fated Bitcoin exchange was a ponzi scheme all along:

Ripple Is Here To Stay – And No One Can Stop It

To be fair, the dissent is just a small minority of the overwhelmingly positive things that crypto buyers have to say about the world’s most powerful new interbank payment system. Certainly, Ripple seems to have more solid partnership deals with reputable firms than any other digital asset issuer around:

Plus, as fun as it is to ruminate on the past, does any of this matter now? Seven years is a century in Crypto, after all. Back in 2011, it is doubtful whether Asian kids were even online that much. Now they cannot get enough of the hottest Crypto on the block. Other little bites of logic seem to settle the FUD in more sober ways, too:

So, given a vote, what would you do? Buy, hold, sell?

TCJ rates XRP a “buy”.

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