Cryptocurrency community not convinced by Segwit2x, some call it a scam

The Segwit2x is grabbing headlines again after being dormant for a couple of weeks and the proposed fork is scheduled to happen on December 28, some in the cryptocurrency community are not convinced and they have gone to the extent of brandishing Segwit2x as a scam.

The Segwit2x fork was supposed to happen in November, but that was aborted and now the revamped version is  a result of work of an entirely new team. Until today, the revival fork’s website only listed three team members: Jaap Terlouw, Donna Khyuz, and Robert Szabo.

Jaap Terlouw has called himself the “Main developer and advisor at segwit2x,” on his LinkedIn profile, but if we look at his prior work, there is no blockchain experience or relevant coding experience whatsoever. His current position lists him as CEO of an unidentified company, and his only other past job title is “Mayor SLM new build”–if you’re unsure about what this means, you’re not alone.

Donna Khyuz doesn’t have any active LinkedIn profile as of now. However, a few searches on the Internet reveal she has proclaimed herself as a “Crypto Developer, ICO & Blockchain expert.”

Robert Szabo is active on LinkedIn, but his background doesn’t involve coding or blockchain development.  His past employment largely consists of jobs at T-Mobile, and his professional training is in automation engineering.

Artur Bujnicki and Bartosz Kozlowski have been added to the team on the fork’s website. Bujnicki has some prior coding experience and Kozlowski says he has extensive experience in account management.

Reddit community has been actively discussing Segwit2x. One of the posts, u/draget notes that the project’s Github is relatively inactive.  More over, the page has only been live for 8 days.  The team also has an extremely young presence on Bitcoin Talk forum, with the sole Segwit2x representative appearing just 12 days ago.

Another user u/Breakpoint claims that the project representative on Bitcoin Talk solicited community members for their private keys.  Within the same comment section, u/RzeroD provides a link that indicates there will be a 2,000,000 coin pre-mine, a fact that the B2x team does not reveal on its website.

Further the team has also promised that Bitcoin holders will receive “a proportional number of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoins as a reward for their commitment to progress” and this is absurd because we don’t have any idea of how they will be able to get hold of BTC held by Satoshi Nakamoto.

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Emily Bianchi

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