Being wholly-owned by The Futereum Foundation means that we have a team of journalists, developers, specialised media public relations staff and advertising professionals on hand all the time at The Currency Journal. At the same time, TCJ is editorially-independent from the foundation and is edited by an award-winning team of highly respected international business journalists. Our stories and our writers are featured prominently in Google News headlines and across the web in all the mainstream crypto publications.

We have more than 2,000,000 unique visitors per month from across the Cryptocurrency space. If you would like to advertise to our audience drop us a line at The Currency Journal is the ideal advertising and PR location for all initial coin offerings (ICOs), software providers, mining hardware manufacturers and other crypto brand builders.

To advertise, consult the following options (all prices are denominated in Futereum dollars; F$1 is equivalent to the number of FUTR currently being mined by 1 ETH – more details are available from The Futereum Foundation website):

  • To publish a press release at TCJ, the cost is F$1
  • For a simple sidebar advertisement on the site, the cost is F$2 per month
  • If the press release concerns an ICO, or if you want your ad to be placed on our masthead, add F$1 extra
  • For our sponsored story package, which includes 2 stories, an interview and an advertisement, the cost is F$5

Note that we have a strict editorial policy concerning paid-for copy, and as such any press releases and/or sponsored stories will be clearly marked as such. However, if our editorial team finds your project especially compelling, you can expect us to cover it on a regular basis once we are aware of it – this however is not guaranteed and is purely at the discretion of the editors. Editorial coverage is never charged for by TCJ or by the foundation, so beware of potential imitators who try to claim this is the case and solicit you for FUTR or any other type of payment!

We only accept payment in FUTR and not by cash or in other Crypto. To mine FUTR now you can go to the foundation website.