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How FUTR dollar reveals that FUTR are undervalued to ETH by up to 98%

A new presentation from the Futereum foundation obtained exclusively by The Currency Journal reveals how FUTR is mining at a 98% discount to its dollar parity equivalent (F$).

One of the most interesting and under-discussed topics concerning FUTR, the Ether derivative utility token is its unique quality among all other utility tokens to store value in a quantitatively meaningful way. As a result of switching in return for Ether, FUTR has a vantage point other utility tokens simply do not: namely, it has value loaded into it from the first time 1 FUTR is mined.

The Futereum Foundation has a method of measuring the relative value of a FUTR, and that is the FUTR dollar (F$ for short). The F$ is a measurement of the current swap rate (as if a swap were to be enacted today) divided by the ultimate swap rate at the end of the cycle the result of which equation is multiplied by the USD/ETH rate.

So, for today, to work out the F$, we would first take 8,121 FUTR that have already been mined and divide this by the 60.81 ETH that is in the smart contract presently. We would then take the total number of FUTR which is 6.73 million and divide this by the amount of Ether that will be swapped theoretically for those tokens once the fees are subtracted, which is 423,558 ETH. Then we take the result of the second equation (the final swap-back rate), which is 15.89, and divide this by 133.54, which is the present swap-back rate. This gives us 0.119 as a result, which we multiply by the present cost of ETH, which is $991.56 and you get $117.98.

Therefore, the F$1 = US$117.98. We can now compare this to the cost of mining an actual FUTR, which is 114 FUTR divided by 1 ETH in USD = $8.70. Therefore, there is a 92.7% discount on the price of FUTR as they are being sold today relative to their USD/ETH values.

Obviously, FUTR dollar rates fluctuate primarily with three variables alternating: the price of FUTR at the time, the supply held versus ETH presently and the potential end-of-cycle FUTR and ETH.

The following presentation, which is about to be released Thursday 18th January by the foundation, obtained by The Currency Journal, shows the substantial discounts:

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